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Our Services


Advanced Electronics 

Bespoke electronics design for customer solutions.

Whether it is a new board design, revision of an existing board, fault finding or the consolidation of electronic components into a redesign solution, RF Technologies, with their many years of electronics design expertise and experience is the answer to your company needs.

Quality Assurance

RF Technologies has achieved & maintains quality standards; 

AS9100D Aerospace Standard for quality, J-STD-001, IPC-A-600 & IPC-A-610 for electronics.

Regardless of place of manufacturer, all RF Technologies products are inspected for quality assurance 

Product Design

RF Technologies collaborates with its customers to help to build a complete product.


Our network of industrial designers work with us to produce a product.


Robust, reliable & manufactured to industry standards ready for markets in Australia or Overseas.



RF Technologies will assemble products to meet customer specifications, with components sourced from overseas and locally or as in some cases, supplied by the customer. 

Once assembled, products are packaged and can be shipped directly to the end-user, warehouse or back to the customer.


Wireless Communication Solutions

RF Technologies has extensive knowledge and experience in multiple communication solutions.


Customer solutions include wireless technologies covering, but not limited to Wi-Fi, Fibre, 4G / 5G, Microwave Links, Mesh Networks and Satellite in both high and low orbits.

20191223_101457 (2).jpg


RF Technologies is a Brisbane based manufacturer operating in a global market.


Whilst other larger Electronic Manufacturers compete directly with overseas, RF Technologies is smaller and more dynamic.


We manufacture both locally and outsource, in order to achieve best outcome for our customers.

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